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Guide for Designing a Challenge Coin

If you are trying to come up with a challenge coin, then this is the best website for you. Challenge coins are used to motivate workers in organizations. This is a crucial job. But, the challenge would be to design the best details. Read on to learn how the best challenge coins are made.

It is vital first to know the purpose of the challenge coin. Overtime, challenge coins are known for their rich and fascinating history. Furthermore, their value has never diminished. By this, designing your challenge coin will make you part of the heritage. When determining the purpose of the coin, it is also best to consider the individuals that will be wearing them. For example, a Commander’s coin is a type of challenge coin that is awarded to soldiers are they improve in their career levels. Challenge coins might also be used during fundraising. By knowing the purpose of the challenge coin, it will be easier to come up with the best design.

You need to take time to brainstorm ideas. Creativity and designing challenge coins go hand in hand. While thinking about the ideas to put in place, think of what you would like to include on your coin. It is more advantageous to check out other coins for inspiration purpose. Once again, the Commander coin is the best option. It will be better if you do not leave any coin not examined. With such research, you will have the best opportunity to decide ideas that will benefit you and those that will not.

With ideas in mind, you must be ready to create your coin design.

You can start by sketching out your ideas. This will help you plan the layout and how you will place all the things you wanted to include in the coin. You can either use a paper and pencil or design software.

You will then proceed to customize the artwork. This is vital as it is the aspect that ensures the coin is personalized for the organization. You, therefore, need to make a design the is personalized to the organization it is representing. For example, the details on a commander’s coin are meant to suit military organizations and not a fundraising event. The customization can include a logo, flower, or animal.

You can use the opportunity to determine if the coin needs some color. You are not limited to putting color on your coin because popular coins such as the Commander’s coin have them. You can still achieve the goal by keeping it simple. It is best to know that the color will affect the look and price of the challenge coin.

You will also need to identify the right size and shape for the coin.